Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Relay Triathlon work?

Each team of 3 participants will have 1 timing chip per team. The swimmer starts with the chip around their ankle or wrist. Once they complete their swim they will pass the timing chip on to their cyclist who then collects their bike from transition. Once the cyclist returns through transition after completing their stage they will pass the timing chip to the runner who completes the race.

Why is this event TEAM only?

Our event is unique in it’s team ONLY format. Our 2019 event’s success was built on a spirit of teamwork and cheering each other on. This team approach created an amazing buzz and the feeling of support was fantastic. We want you to try something new, we want to you to invite your colleagues friends and family and challenge people who otherwise feel that a full triathlon is out of their league (this team event has already been a stepping stone for last years competitors to move onto FULL triathlons!). In 2019 witnessed AMAZING stories of families and friend groups stepping outside their comfort zones and absolutely loving the team triathlon experience. We want to create a fun event, a supportive atmosphere and let’s not forget a bit of friendly competition!

Can I do this triathlon as an individual?

No, this is a team event only.

How many people are in a team?

3, one swimmer, one cyclist and one runner.

Can we make a team from just 2 people and alternate the sections?

No, we ask for complete teams of 3 only.

How do I enter?

Register HERE at our ENTER PBTRI section!

You will need to choose a team leader to handle all communication and also arrange payment of your teams entry fee.

Team leader simply completes the short form on our ENTER PBTRI section.

We will forward the team registration pack to your team leader via email.  Your team leader must gather your team members details and return the completed ‘Team Details’ form to Your registration pack will include details on how to pay your Team’s entry fee. Once your team details form is returned YOU ARE IN! Simply raise your sponsorship to cover team entry and pay by 31st  May.

How much does it cost to enter?

The entry fee is £150 per team.

Your team’s full £150 entry must be submitted before 31st May 2020.

If not raising sponsorship to cover your entry fee you can pay your full £150 at the time of entry on behalf of your team.

If your entrance fee has not been received by 31st May your teams place will be forfeit and another team will be called up.

Can we pay the entry fee rather than raising sponsorship?

Yes you can simply pay your entry fee you do not have to raise the money as sponsorship. Whether you pay the fee or raise the money, 100% of it will go to charity. The full team entry fee must be paid in full before 31st May 2020.

How do we pay our entrance fee?

Your team leader will receive payment information in their registration pack email. It will be the team leader’s responsibility to gather your team’s deposit to secure your team entry. It will also be your team leader’s responsibility to gather and transfer your teams complete £150 entry fee. Please ensure your team’s Gift Aid form is submitted as this will help boost our fundraising by 25%

What is the team leader’s responsibility?

Your team leader will be our direct point of contact for all information regarding your team’s entry. It will be the team leader’s responsibility to return your team details form and pay your team entry fee.

What is the route for each stage of the Triathlon?

See our Route section of our website for the maps and description of each stage.

Do I need Triathlon Ireland Membership or One day licence to take part?

No. Our event insurance covers participants for public liability while taking part in PortballinTRI. No expensive race licence or memberships needed!!

Is the event timed?

Yes – Elite Timing will provide timing chips. Your team’s timing chip will act as your relay baton. Each member will pass the timing chip on once they complete their stage.

Are there categories for prizes?

Yes –   Fastest Mens team;     Fastest Womens Team;       Fastest Mixed;        Spirit of PortballinTRI;

What time does the race start?

11.30am  Saturday 20th June 2020.

When does registration open and close?

All race details will be forwarded to your Team Leader who will be responsible for passing on this information to each team member.

What is the age restriction?

16 years and over; We are restricted by our insurance and therefore no exceptions.

Can anyone over 16 take part?

All participants must be medically fit to take part (if required contact your GP)

ALL participants MUST sign a waiver accepting the risk associated with triathlon.

Where do I park on the day?

There is ample parking in Portballintrae and our marshals will be directing participants to designated parking areas at the town hall car park and along the Bayhead Road.

Will there be changing rooms?

We will not have any dedicated changing rooms however there is a small toilet block on site which may be used. We would prefer if swimmers did not use this following there swim for risk of slipping on the tiled floors in this area.

Will there be a place to store my bag?

Will there be a place to store my bag?

Yes – we will provide a supervised bag drop area however we accept no responsibility for your bag, use it at your own risk.

Will there be food or drinks available?

Bottled water, tea/coffee and snacks will be provided for all participants only.

The Portballintrae Boat Club will kindly be running a BBQ of burgers and hot dogs and drinks provided at the bar. All proceeds from the BBQ will go to The Boat Club’s nominated charity.

Under no circumstance shall any participants be allowed to take part if they have consumed alcohol before or during the event.

What happens after the Race?

We have a great post-race plan giving you loads of reasons to stay at Portballintrae! Medal’s & Prizes Ceremony at once last team finishes (4:30pm – 5pm approx)

Stay around, take in the atmosphere and go through the post race analysis with your team! Designate a driver and enjoy the craic in The Boat Club!

Enjoy Stand up paddling after the swim section is complete with SUP NI . Contact John to book your session

Red Bay Boat’s to provide demo’s of some of their fleet.

Music in the Boat club from 8pm

Stay in the Bayview Hotel and enjoy the weekend in this stunning part of our North Coast.

Who do I contact if I have a question that isn’t answered above?

Our team at   or  using the Contact Us section of our website.


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